Digital education for people experiencing or at risk of poverty

Digital education for people experiencing or at risk of poverty

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**Sunrise has donated CHF 250,000 to Caritas**

Together, we make digital education possible for people experiencing, or at risk of, poverty

Access to the Internet and to mobile communication is becoming increasingly central and indispensable in our everyday lives. Digitisation is affecting more and more areas of life in our society, from everyday existence to work. The corona crisis is rapidly reinforcing this trend. For an estimated quarter of the Swiss population, this presents a major, often even an existential problem, because they have little, or indeed no, basic digital knowledge. For those affected, this can have serious consequences, ranging from difficulty in participating in society to exclusion from the world of work.

The aim of the joint pilot project of Sunrise and Caritas Switzerland is to do something about this.

Our initiative gives people in Switzerland who are living at or below the subsistence level access to the online world and helps them to develop their digital skills. This involves devices, Internet access and above all digital education. This will give them a better chance of finding work, access to government, cultural and educational services, and a sense of belonging in our society.

This pilot project will run for two years and your financial contribution will be vital to its success. You will receive regular updates on the status of the project and be informed about opportunities for active support.

Let us together narrow this digital divide and give people a chance to live a self-determined life in Switzerland.


Caritas Switzerland

Caritas Switzerland prevents, alleviates and combats poverty in Switzerland and worldwide in around 20 countries. Together with the network of Regional Caritas Organisations, Caritas Switzerland is actively engaged wherever people in wealthy Switzerland are affected by poverty: families, single parents, the unemployed, and the working poor. Globally, Caritas provides emergency relief in disasters and is actively involved in reconstruction work. With its projects in development cooperation, Caritas works in the areas of food security, water, climate change, disaster prevention, migration as well as education for children and adults

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